The Maddox Cemetery is located in Prince William County, Virginia. It is a small farmstead typical for families to buy in the early 1800’s. It belonged to Allison Maddox who was a veteran from the American Revolutionary War. In 1810, Allison bought this small farmstead from James E. Heath who was a congressman from Maryland. The cemetery now is in bad condition to where even the stones are falling. There isn’t much information on Allison Maddox or the Maddox cemetery in general. Only thing we know is who bought it and from whom. We also know her brother in law is buried at the cemetery. The silencing of this information probably happened from simply just not recording it. There probably wasn’t a foreseen need for keeping detailed records in the 1800’s. This highway marker stood out to me because I have a friend with the last name Maddox. Because of slavery black people often still carry their ancestor’s slave owner’s last name. I was interested because maybe I’m tracing family history that she doesn’t even know she has. One of Trouillot’s methods I would use to learn about the Maddox Cemetery is researching the land, the past owner, and Allison Maddox. I’ll need to extensively research all these topics being that they are connected to the cemetery perhaps I could find some past that was silenced inadvertently from them. Trouillot’s used this method when studying the Haitian Rebellion. Record keepers from back then couldn’t fathom the idea of the black slaves overthrowing their captors, so much so that they started making excuses within their text that tried to explain how the rebellion was happening. They said it could’ve been yellow fever as to why the blacks were successfully. They said that rebellion was led by some dissenting French white man as to why the black slave’s rebellion was so successful. They even said mulattos were responsible for the rebellion and none of it was true. Trouillot’s point in telling this story is to show how your conception of the world limit what is even “thinkable” and functions as a silencing of the past. This worked because there was many people keeping record of the Haitian Rebellion. It could possibly work for me when i find multiple sources talking about things connected to the Maddox Cemetery. I could find more info about Maddox’s life, her brother in law being buried there, and the general history of the land that the cemetery stands on.

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