When i googled my name the only things that came up were football players and felons. A football player i share the same name with lives in Iowa and plays for the Hawkeyes. There are some results that are just social media accounts from Twitter and Instagram that are some obscure spelling of my name. There is also a child predator in jail that shares my name which is discomforting to say the least. Aside from these, i have no real digital presence upon the internet as my name. The results do not reflect who I am or what I’m into. I’m not even in the least bit interested in football and I’m not a criminal. I want others to perceive my intellect and graciousness so the current results are less than satisfactory. It would actually shine a negative light on me especially if someone believed i was from Pennsylvania and a child predator. My website, Stillirise757 will positively impact my digital presence by putting my thoughts out into the world and getting people to learn who Tariq Peterson really is. Through the different topics posed to us in class, I’ll show the world how kind i am and also what I’m into as a person. “Still I Rise” is a saying coined by the legendary Maya Angelou which means that no matter what adversity you face within the life you live, still you must never give up and advance in your goals. A loved one died but you’ve finally been able to live your life and finish grieving, “still i rise”, You fail a class so you have to retake it and pass, “still i rise”, You lose a small amount of friends because of a fallout. “still i rise.” Still i rise isn’t only a phrase you say for victory after a struggle but it’s also a phrase that you chant in the moment of turmoil. A reminder to yourself that you’ve been through trials before and you’re still here to overcome this new trial. Who Tariq is, is what Tariq does. Even on a site i created about me I’m still trying to drop something that if used properly can change your mindset in a positive way. That’s what I’ve always done, helped others. My words can either save your life or tear down the illusions you live by, the choice is up to the reader but my goal in making this site is to help people with the words i speak.