Historical Research Packet on the Colchester Inn

ORIGINAL TEXT Significance: At the end of the eighteenth century this tavern elicited the warmest praise from the Englishman, John Davis who was a visitor in the household of the Ellicott family in Occoquan. Davis wrote as an habitue who frequently enjoyed the food and drink dispensed therein: On the side of this bridge stands… Continue reading Historical Research Packet on the Colchester Inn

Self Assessment

I learned a lot about using technology more efficiently for my research from this class. The use of timelines to organize events in chronological order is very important in research. It helps me to keep everything in order for when I’m organizing the information elsewhere. I also learned about the importance of ethical writing. Making… Continue reading Self Assessment


Primary sources are great for data collecting because there is so much of it in primary sources. Especially when looking for statistical data. Primary sources generally have most if not all data you need for a making a data set to tidy up with tidy dataset principles. First we wanna organize our our columns. In… Continue reading BLOG 5


The Maddox Cemetery is located in Prince William County, Virginia. It is a small farmstead typical for families to buy in the early 1800’s. It belonged to Allison Maddox who was a veteran from the American Revolutionary War. In 1810, Allison bought this small farmstead from James E. Heath who was a congressman from Maryland.… Continue reading BLOG 4


The three principles of tidy data are variables are in columns, observations are in rows, and values are in cells. These three rules are interrelated because it’s impossible to only satisfy two of the three. There is an advantage to having your data stored in a specific way, meaning it’s easier to use the built… Continue reading BLOG 3


The Four Literacies we know as Ethics, Privacy, Copyright, and Licensing, greatly affect the way in which we approach works we create especially those works that include humanity as the subject. Ethical literacy is a process of learning and being able to articulate your own moral life. This comes into conflict with subjects that are contrary… Continue reading BLOG 2

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